Opti Cast Bar Dumbbell Set - 50 Kg

Opti Cast Bar Dumbbell Set - 50 Kg - Stock Checker

This fantastic 50kg barbell dumbbell set from Opti has everything you need to become a tough bodybuilder. You can combine weights to add extra intensity to your workout. They are great for improving muscle strength, tone and definition. Includes 6 x 0.5kg, 6 x 1.25kg, 4 x 2.5kg and 4 x 5kg discs, 2 black 35.5cm spinlock bars, 6 spinlock collars and a black solid spinlock barbell total weight : 48.8kg. The diamater of the bars is 1 inch, it can fit with standard 1 inch weight plates. The bars are made of ste
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